Please help with this mark on tea cup What is it please

Started by Lumhechati, Nov 20, 2017, 20:04:48

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I have this tea cup with halo effect on the blue here is the mark on the bottom export believe.


With these photo's Im not sure what Im looking at, post a photo of the whole Item and one of the whole bottom at an angle that would help, thanks.


Thanks Peter, I have never heard of Binzan, the porcelain on the bottom looks to dense to me to be antique, vintage at the most I think.


Their website says the kiln was established only about 60 years ago, but the website uses a company name, so really nothing old. Just another porcelain factory, it appears.The site is Japanese only. Online in Japan a lot of items marked Binzan are traded.


Thanks Peter, that is good information for future reference.