Chinese Buddha Identification, help needed

Started by geob10, Nov 15, 2017, 22:00:49

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I recently bought this lovely Buddha at auction, the markings and patterns are beautiful. I wondered if anyone could translate the marking on the underneath, I'm guessing it is the makers name, also there are no numbers so hopefully that means it is quite old! attached are some pictures, any help would be greatly appreciated.




Not sure from Image of mark,try googling "????" Wei Hongtai
to see if similar.
Looks like "Wei Hongtai" mark


hi, thanks for your reply and that info, looking that up i came across another Buddha and i am pretty sure it is the same mark after a very close look of my Buddha, do you think it is original or a copy, if there is a way to tell?


Wei Hong-tai made sculptures in the republic period. Budai monk sculptures like this one became common in that period. It is unlikely that these have been copied, but there are many other sculptors who made similar porcelain figurines. They are still being made.


great, im pretty happy with my purchase now :D