Famille Verte Dish with Kangxi Mark

Started by Holger, Nov 09, 2017, 22:07:43

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Hello everyone,

I have a question about this famille verte dish which I have purchased some time ago.

It has a Kangxi mark but I am quite sure that it is not from the period.

So I am wondering if there is a chamce it might be from the 19th century or maybe at least from the
Republican Period. Basically it would be great if it was not made yesterday. (so my expectations are rather low)

Anyway I have decided to buy this dish because of the topic (the warrior should be Zhao Yun or maybe Ma Chao - sometimes
difficult to separate those two) and not the Kangxi mark.




only 1 of the 4 pictures are shown.



I'm afraid this may be late 20th century, judging by the detailed painting of eyes, etc. The shape itself is also very unlikely, because relatively few square dishes/plates were made after the Ming dynasty.


Thanks a lot for your opinion.

After some research I have found a few square dishes in similar style for sale which are partially dated to the 19th century.

Not sure if that means anything though as this  could be based on speculation (or even wrong dating on purpose to make it look antique)


Even if the shape existed, the decoration and its colors are still not that old.