12 sided plate

Started by Stan, Oct 17, 2017, 07:37:00

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Hi Peter, here is a 12 sided plate that is done in the Kraak style, this plate looks old and has all the right signs for antique, do you think this is Kangxi or late Qing, it dose have bubble bursts on the bottom, the plate is 28.2 cm across, and is this is export? Thanks.


Here are the Last of the photo's, thanks for viewing.


Yes, seems indeed to be export porcelain. Color and decoration would be right for a period item. The underside rim decoration would be normal for Kangxi, butnot as common in the Guangxu reign. Bottom area would be right too.
One question, is the foot rim slanted? If it is not, then Guangxu is the more likely option. If it is, then it is Kangxi or perhaps Yongzheng.
I know that 'some' reign marks were made on Kangxi export, initially. But they were few as far as I now. So it is possible.
Overall it seems to be Kangxi.


Yes, the foot rim is slanted, here is a better picture of the slanted foot rim, and thanks Peter.