Unknown Porcelain Tea Set

Started by twounlimited, Oct 11, 2017, 02:12:59

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Hello, i have this Porcelain Tea Set that contains 24 pieces from my father which was given to him from his great grandmother, so i think it made around 19th century maybe ? Can you please help me out with the identification, i search the internet about the hallmarks, but i didn't find any like it ? Is it Japanese or Chinese and is it possible to know who made it ?

I have made photos of it here : imgur.com/a/OVY1H


Looks like it could be a Kutani mark, by the look of the foot rim from the 50's or 60's of the 20th century.


Confused?....Well I am. Provenance really doesn't exist in Asia, apart from Imperial pieces. So if someone has knowledge that the piece / pieces are from his Great Great Grandmother, either he has got it totally wrong or a new appraisal has to be made. I do think the pieces look fairly new but I'm open to the possibility they maybe 19th century unless the original poster is confused and somehow has got it wrong.
Dear Original Poster.....Are you absolutely sure of your date line and inheritance line? Please confirm. Thanks
Best wishes to all... D


These items are clearly 20th century, the Grandma must have purchased them new in my opinion, the bright gold and mark is a dead give away.