Kakiemon porcelain dish ?

Started by calder, Aug 11, 2017, 22:21:12

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What period would this be from Edo?
Thanks in advance.



Sorry to say that this dose not resemble Kakiemons district style, and the imperial Kiku crest of Mikado was rarely used and prohibited to be used unless commissioned by the Emperor himself, I read that Tomimura Kanyemon who was a potter used the imperial Kiku crest and was killed after wards, and that detoured all other potters to not use the crest without autorization, could this be one of those pieces? but one thing we do no is that it is Imari as Peter already mentioned, the crest on the bottom is correct in that it has 16 peddles, this mark looks like it could have been added at a latter time the red is on top of the glaze, it looks like it is from the Meiji period, nice piece Calder.