Chinese Blue & White Bowl

Started by svenco4, Aug 10, 2017, 03:37:51

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Please help me identify and age this bowl, it appears old but I am not very knowledgeable on Chinese porcelain. Thank you help and comments.


It has traditional Chinese elements but never seen them painted like that before.  I don't know, it looks old but nothing traditional Chinese. The parallel lines in the foot rim makes me wonder....


Im no expert, wouldn't even say particularly knowledgeable, but my guess is it looks japanese versus chinese. Cant tell if thats supposed to be a crane in the center,  but the way the mountains and trees are painted it all looks very japanese to me. Goodluck.


I have doubts that this is Chinese at all, or Japanese, or if it is, it must be more recent.
Too many questionable features present, for my taste.

1. Are those lines inside the base actually present in the clay, or is that something appearing only in the electronic image? If in the clay, why? Such a bottom is supposed to have been thrown on the wheel. Any signs that it was turned on a wheel? The strange bottom and clay consistency could mean that it was moulded.
2. The painting style is a bit strange, but the central medallion is outright odd. Shouldn't that be a phoenix? I never saw a decoration like that band around the phoenix.
3. The clouds both inside the medallion and on the back are strange too. Clouds were painted in a number of  specific shapes in ancient China, but here it looks more like a ball surrounded by fire.
4.The many little holes in the glaze cover only part of the glaze on the outside. This means they may have developed due to temperature or other firing related causes, not necessarily to age.

Anyone knows a non-mainstream Chinese kiln producing such strange decorations and using such a painting style for mountains and trees on porcelain?


Thank you for all the comments. I appreciate everyones time. I am going to check on the circle in the bottom and see if that is actually there and perhaps present some better photos.