Blue and White Guan ( Which Dynasty ? )

Started by Lee Seng Kong, May 13, 2017, 13:31:10

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You wrote "... who operated the company  Nanhai Marine Archaeology..."As operated is in past tense I assumed you have some knowledge concerning the company or Sten ceasing their work.
Never mind, it is not necessary to check. Thank you.

Among Chinese antiques porcelain and paintings are more difficult to collect. A challenge for many because of the numerous old and new fakes and copies, some of which are very difficult to recognize. If you want to get further into it, reading up on some of the subjects is unavoidable. Always look for information or books showing age signs and bottoms clearly. Unfortunately, most museums do not show these. But we always look first at the bottom, when inspecting items. I wish you a pleasant collecting experience.

Lee Seng Kong

Thanks Peter,

On Pinterest web-site, there are so many photos posted by various parties showing the bases etc etc

So I saved those photos  from reputable auction houses such as Sotherby, Christie's plus some others whom I think should be able to provide correct info.

I am building a data-base for reference.

On reference books....years back....I bought a few  books...each book presenting/focusing on  the different types of wares, with colored photos....from each dynastic period.
The photos are very clear but unfortunately  they are written in Mandarin which I can't read although I am of Chinese descent.
I also use  "MILLER'S" books to refer to....but not much details to help.

Now, I go on-line for more info.

Thanks again.