Blue decorated klapmuts bowl?

Started by quintenf, Apr 16, 2017, 20:24:24

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Sorry for the many posts the last couple of days, I hope you don't mind. Just got a lot of items I would like to know something about. Like this bowl, which looks like a klapmuts, but go a really wide edge and a quite small bowl. Also the 'H' in the middle I'm curious about.


The shape and design is a bit unusual for Chinese and the letter H in the front center and used in the design, I wonder if this could be a form of Chinoiserie?


As Stan said, very odd. And no klapmuts would not have such a wide rim. Looks like a small bowl was attached to a larger bowl, but looks impractical for eating.


I had the same thoughts about the shape. It will be very difficult to identify this item then, since it had no marks on it. Thanks for the replies.