Langyao vase

Started by Pablo82, Mar 11, 2017, 01:58:43

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Hello Peter and members,

I hope you can help me with this langyao vase. H 18 cm. Could it be from late Qing period?

Thank you.



Hi Pablo,
I can not tell for sure as monochromes are usually more difficult to date. But I have doubts about it being very old because of the bottom and, before all because of the mouth. The glaze is also a bit brighter than what I would normally expect.
The question I am asking myself is the cause of the red line within the white area below the mouth. Is there a recessed or protruding ring-shaped area around the neck?
Typically, Langyao red vases have a white area below the top rim. I understand that this is because the of the fluidity of the hot glaze in the kiln, which causes it to flow somewhat downward from the top rim. This in turn exposes the white color of the vase body, causing a white area below the vase rim, the main feature of Langyao glazes. Now, why would there be a red ring in there inside the white area? If there is no recession or protrusion, could it be that the glaze was wiped off artificially before firing, to give the impression that it was a Langyao glaze?  I think you get what I am hinting at. I'm not sure about this vase, I'm afraid.


Thank you for your expertise Peter. You are right, there is no recession or protrusion around the neck and the glaze has been wiped off before firing for sure. Thank you again for your answer.