Ming bowl???

Started by heavenguy, Mar 26, 2017, 02:11:36

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I also found this of what I think is a late Ming early Qing bowl.

I remember I posted an Oil Jar awhile ago with almost the same characteristics as this one but the other one had a very shiny glaze. Stan mention it was probably re-glazed.

Will this be a untouched piece??

Thank you in advance.



Something making me think this bowl is modern , I can't quite put my finger on it.


This is clearly a fake, the foot rim is not right.


I think you are right, I always buy on impulse while in estate sales that I simply don't inspect well the pieces. I guess that for 10 bucks it won't do that much harm. Tnx Stan.


Just to clarify things a bit. As Stan mentioned, the foot rim is not right for an antique, and it is probably 20th century. Not necessarily a fake, though. Such very rough products have been made until far into the 20th century. I have seen this on items that were only a few decades old, made for the common folks. They are hardly worthwhile faking, though, I think, and often there are still lots of them in existence, or even in use.
So not that old is very likely, no traditional foot rim, but it may have been done this way at some non-mainstream kiln. Mostly we judge this only by comparing to the mainstream kilns at Jingdezhen or Dehua.
The southern kilns, especially those in coastal areas produce(d) often quite different items, but for the common people.

But what I want to point out is the blue colored top rim, which is more often a sign of later items. Additionally, if you look at the rough decoration you will notice that the ends of the strokes all look a bit round. It looks as if a felt pen or similar  tool was used for painting those strokes, rather than a brush. That also tells us that it can not be very old.
I would recommend to not buy such things, because they have little collecting value.


Thanks Peter, for correcting me from saying fake, your right, if it was made to fake they probably would have included a mark, sorry.


Thank you all. I'll try to stop buying stuff like this...