HELP!!!! Ming Dynasty JiaJing Vase Cranes & Clouds

Started by smak, Sep 20, 2016, 09:29:42

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to collecting Chinese porcelain  and need your help!

I just purchased this vase and would like to get it authenticated.

When was this made?
Is this real?


Some more pictures of the vase!!


My impression is that there are far too many inclusions in the glaze. Such tiny gray dots are developing when the item stands with encasing (saggar) in the kiln and there is much ash flying. But I cannot see how the ash would get on the bottom.
On the other hand, such imperfections and unclean appearances are often used to fake age. And the bottom is much too rough to be normal, even for a centuries old item.  You see what I am suspecting?


Yeah, well I had my doubts as well but hey I didn't spend too much on it. Just wish it was authentic. Sigh. Thanks again Peter!