Old broken plates III

Started by wk, Sep 16, 2016, 23:36:26

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I bought a box of porcelain because I noticed some Chinese wares inside. Unfortunately most are damaged or restored in a bad way.

Can anyone tell me if there's anything worth saving here?

The first one I'm afraid broken during transport, the second was restored, it's hardly visible but I think it broke in half.


The decoration of the lower one looks neither Chinese nor Japanese.
The top one might be either Chinese of Japanese. I side view showing the curving of the plate rim might help.
The foot rim does not look typical Japanese, although the detailed painting of the bark would be more exceptional for Chinese.


Thank you Peter, also for organizing the post.
Here is a view from the side. It is quite fragile and much thinner then the others as well.


i saw your post earlier, and i thought that the first plate might be Dutch Delftware. possible 18th century based on the decorations. but i also could be wrong about it.


Thank you, I will look into that. Perhaps it has some value for Delft Dutch collectors.