SPECIAL chinese underglaze oceanblue vase - expected 1850-1900??

Started by hoogenbosch67, Apr 12, 2016, 03:23:20

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SPECIAL chinese underglaze oceanblue vase - expected 1850-1900?? Have the decorations some meanings??

Thanks for your reply




I have seen this glaze before, but I have never seen a pattern like this on traditional Chinese porcelain, I think 20th century, possibly on the later side.


Hello Peter, Stan,

Last week I have been to a presentation like antique roadshow on BBC (Kunst&kitsch Netherlands) and I have asked the expert of chinese porcelain (which is one of the best of the Netherlands) about this vase, because it intriged me a lot. It seems to be a vase from 1870-1880. Oceanblue underglaze.

Greetings Jan


This does not look genuine traditional ware to me either. Either it is unfinished, not that old, or not Chinese. Apart from the light brown color of the unglazed parts, indicating something different than the usual Chinese clay, the density of the base seems also quite high; meaning it is too fine, if the actual item feels as it looks. This in return would mean it cannot be 19th century, according our standards here. Actually, the carved decoration does just not look Chinese to me. There are no traits recognizable as typical Chinese. It could as well have been made elsewhere.